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MVL Story
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NoticeMVL Participates in ‘Byvote’ Program of Bybit

27 Mar 2023

MVL will participate in the ‘Byvote’ program on the global cryptocurrency exchange platform, ‘Bybit’. Byvote is a program that enables Bybit users to vote for their favorite projects to be listed on Bybit's spot trading.

The project that wins the Byvote program will be listed on Bybit and rewards will be distributed to the voters who voted for the winner. The voting voucher will be given according to the USDT, USDC, USDD, BUSD CUSD, BIT, and DAI, deposited in the Bybit account before the snapshot deadline. Voting voucher is calculated as one vote per $1 of coins with a maximum of 10,000 votes ($10,000). 

The listing of MVL tokens on Bybit will play a significant role in expanding MVL's global ecosystem, allowing more global users to trade and utilize MVL. 

Besides the winning reward of the Byvote program, MVL will also hold an additional airdrop event for MVL voters in Byvote. Please stay tuned with us, and we look forward to your active participation!

▶️ Reward amount: $100,000 of $MVL

▶️ Sign up Bybit:

▶️ Bybit Announcement:

📅 Byvote Schedule 

✅ Snapshot deadline: 23:59:59 UTC, Mar 29th

✅ Voting period: 03:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 30th - 3:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 31st