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MVL Story
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NoticeVote for MVL - Additional Airdrop Event for Byvoter

28 Mar 2023

MVL has prepared an additional airdrop event for Bybit users who voted for MVL! 

The event will be held for participants who complete the following steps below, and the rewards of the event will be allocated along with the Byvote reward if MVL wins the vote. 

Please refer to the information below for details on how to participate in the event.

To participate 

  1. Log in to Bybit & complete KYC Lv. 1 verification

         (For new users, create account via the referral link provided below)

  1. Deposit over $100 USDT ($50 USDT for SEA region) before the snapshot deadline.

  2. Vote for MVL during the Byvote voting period.

  3. Submit your participation screenshot via the Google Form before the deadline

โœ”๏ธSign up :

Google Form link:

Google Form Due: 09:00:00 UTC 4th April

* Please note that the rewards will be given to the participants who submit the Google Form when MVL wins the Byvote program and total rewards will be distributed among voters according to their number of votes.

๐Ÿ“… Byvote Schedule & Rewards

โœ… Snapshot deadline: 23:59:59 UTC, Mar 29th

โœ… Voting period: 03:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 30th - 3:00:00 AM UTC, Mar 31st

โœ… Reward amount: $10,000 of $MVL tokens

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