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Development Blog

Check the development blog to get

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BlockchainMVL Blockchain 2.0 Development Strategy

25 May 2021

MVL Blockchain 2.0 Development Strategy

Hello, this is MVL team.    

Since many of you are wondering about MVL’s Blockchain development, today we would like to share more details of it.

At the end of March, we have been discussed on MVL’s future direction with 15,000 viewers at MVL Blockchain2.0 Conference.

(Re-watch MVL Blockchain 2.0 Conference on Youtube)


Previous MVL was an ERC-20 based ecosystem which acquired a large transaction cost of Ethereum to store vast amounts of data which comes from mobility services.

Decrease in “efficiency” due to high cost was a serious problem that MVL Foundation had to consider, and as a result “independence of Ethereum network” mentioned at the conference has already started.

To give a few examples, MVL Foundation is currently testing hyper ledger fabric based permissioned blockchain for effective mobility data business.

The unique information of each driver will be stored using the NFT solution, and the driver's driving information and related other information such as completed trips will be managed separately from the driver's account. This will eventually solve high fees of Ethereum and low performance issues.

In addition, we are also testing bridge solutions to connect other blockchain and the permissioned blockchain, which mentioned above, in order to maintain the inflexibility of data continuously through public blockchain.

Due to the nature of the data business, it is hardly possible to register "all generated data without any exception" within MVL’s ecosystem; however, we will provide the encoded data to any customers who want to verify the inflexibility of data through comparison for the use of these data.

Once the tests mentioned above are completed successfully, the contents will be applied directly to the actual MVL blockchain system, and it is likely that the details can be given to the community at that time.

At this moment, it is rather difficult to speak out the detailed information. The details will be discussed once the expansions are completely applied to MVL ecosystem.

We will come back once the tests are complete.


Thank you.