MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay updated on the latest news from the past month.

MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

Monthly Monthly Report (November 2022)

7 Dec 2022

TADA Launched Its First TADA Station in Singapore

Ride-hailing company TADA launched its first ‘TADA Station’ in Singapore. TADA Station will allow drivers and stakeholders to fulfill their various needs, such as onboarding onto the TADA platform, EV charging, sourcing vehicle rentals, and signing up for the drivers’ associations. On this day, TADA has launched the more eco-friendly booking option, ‘iONTADA’ on TADA app, which allows riders to book in eco-friendly vehicle options. TADA is on explosive growth, with 200,000 registered drivers across its Southeast Asian markets, such as Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.



MVL Participates in the Global Leaders Forum 2022

On November 22nd, Kay Woo (CEO of MVL) participated in the mobility session in Global Leaders Forum 2022, hosted by TV Chosun in Seoul. Global Leaders Forum 2022 is an international forum where global leaders engage in active discussion on the subject of ‘The Era of Great Transition, Solving the Global Dilemma’. Throughout the mobility session among the leaders of mobility businesses, Kay Woo pointed out the keynote on the innovation of mobility service linked with blockchain and discussed the solutions for the further development of the mobility industry. Please check out the full video of the forum linked below.

MVL Held Pre-Events for Launching MVL Staking

MVL held some pre-events prior to MVL Staking launch. MVL Staking refers to a service that allows MVL holders to contribute directly or indirectly to the reliable experience of MVL Web 3.0 for local drivers and customers in Southeast Asia and enhance the usage of MVL tokens.  As the following staking service is based on using bMVL, MVL held a free gas fee event for those who convert MVL (ERC20) to bMVL (BEP20) during the event period. In addition, MVL held a bMVL airdrop event for the first 100 people to convert more than 100,000 MVL to bMVL during the event period. For more details regarding the events, please refer to the link below. MVL will be back with another event shortly, so please stay tuned with us!

Onion Mobility Promotes ONiON T1 with British Embassy

On November 11th, ONiON Mobility showed the UK-branded ONiON T1, collaborated with British Embassy, to improve the awareness of green and sustainable energy in Cambodia. On this day, Minister of State for Trade Policy of the UK - Greg Hands, and Cambodia British Embassy sent a supportive message for a green and sustainable future in Cambodia by using ONiON T1 as a key transportation. ONiON Mobility will strive to foster for greener and more sustainable future in Cambodia and other South East Asian countries. Please stay tuned for further steps for ONiON Mobility!