Check MVL's Blog to get insights into

MVL's project-building journey

Check MVL's Blog to get insights into

MVL's project-building journey

BlockchainOnchain Activity on Hybrid Blockchain: Driver Passport NFT

28 Sep 2021


As mentioned in the last Development Blog (, the MVL team has recently launched Hybrid Blockchain.

As a result, real-time data generated in TADA Singapore is currently stored in Hyper Ledger, and histories of stored data and updates are stored in IPFS and Tezos Mainnet. 

At this time, we would like to briefly introduce the progress as of today.

  • The portion of the Driver Passport including recent driver's information is completed.
  • Information of the first 300 drivers is stored completely (stored in NFT format on Tezos Mainnet)
  • All remaining drivers' information in TADA Singapore will be stored and all mapped NFT will be issued on Tezos Mainnet in the future.

For better understanding, a diagram of the Hybrid Blockchain is provided below.

MVL's Hybrid Blockchain is divided into Hyperledger Fabric and Tezos Protocol. If you refer to the diagram, it will be easy to understand “which” data is stored in “where”.


More details of the development situation are given below.

So far, a total of 277 "Driver Passports" have been created.

As briefly mentioned above, the Driver Passport contains various sensitive information about the Driver. Same as the passport we carry around for traveling abroad. Since there is only one passport for each individual in the world, Driver's passport is the only token in the world in form of NFT.

  • Example of Driver Passport and Passport ID :

The Contract address for “Driver Passport” is provided below.


  • Smart Contract address of issued Tezos Driver Passport NFT: KT1WWHbD2pMhfB1UavXwLLCSizc2crkrqef9


  • Click on Smart Contract storage above to check the number of NFTs issued so far.

If you go to the Token Metadata section in Smart Contract, you can also check each unique information on the issued NFT.


For better understanding, each token has its own token_id, IPFS address, hash, and name value. The details are provided below.

  • Token_id: ID that shows the number of issued NFT
  • IPFS address: Indicates corresponding NFT status (Minting or update), date of recent status change, and IPFS address of the previous status
  • Hash: Hash value of data for Driver stored in the Hyperledger fabric 
  • Name value: Passport ID value for the unique ID number of Driver stored in the Hyperledger fabric 
    • By connecting the name values of NFT and each Driver's Passport ID in Hyperledger Fabric, participants of Hyperledger Fabric can confirm the generation and updates on Driver's data stored in Hyperledger Fabric on Tezos public blockchain.


Since the launch of the Hybrid Blockchain, anyone can track “what” the MVL team is doing and its “achievement” from the works on Onchain. 

Today, we just shared the intermediate process of utilizing the Hybrid Blockchain. However, if anyone is wondering about when will all TADA driver passports be issued on NFT, check out at any time!

Once all the TADA driver passports are issued, Wallet and De-fi will be launched.

Please stay tuned for upcoming news on Wallet and De-fi.

We will be back with more details regarding the news.



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