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Check MVL's Blog to get insights into

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Blockchain[MVL 2.0 Concept Paper] 4. Driver Game & Roadmap

19 Nov 2021

Driver Game & Roadmap

In any country, if we ask passengers ‘what do you want when taking a taxi?' Almost everyone answers the same thing: not being denied for moving to short-distance, high-quality service, going in the direction that I want, etc. Although taxi drivers are already aware of the needs of the passengers, it cannot be easily achieved. Why would this happen?

The answer is simple. If the drivers do not refuse the ride or provide better service to the passengers, they receive the ‘same wage' compared to the drivers who don't. The riding fees for taxis and delivery fees are determined by the country, so providing high quality services is not related to profit. Thus, being nice does not benefit much. There is no ‘added value' to the quality of service, but only profits are proportional to working hours.

Many global ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Grab have been launched but nothing has changed. Customers can easily call taxis and drivers spend less time wandering around, but the essence of "no added value to labor" remains the same. In fact, this is not a simple transportation issue, but a problem for most platforms.

This problem is difficult to solve even by utilizing the drivers' driving Big Data. The MVL team has 130,000 drivers' driving Big Data, has a low frequency of transactions, and has difficulty measuring fair prices. In addition, it is difficult to give "significant compensation" to thousands of drivers just by selling and utilizing Big Data.

So, are there any ways to give added value to the work of drivers and even platform workers? If the traditional method is difficult to solve, let's try creating a new version that will take advantage of the driver's data. So the MVL team is trying to solve the problem by creating a new digital space called "game."

"Driver Game": both MVLer and drivers can enjoy

When you actually operate a taxi service or delivery service, the movement of the drivers expressed on the map is similar to that of a soccer game. Isn't it similar to drivers who move along the purpose of the call and soccer players who move along the purpose of the goal? Based on this, why not run a team of your own drivers? Just like the game ‘Football Manager'.

Let's give you a quick example. In fact, "my data" of actual drivers is similar to the ability values of soccer games. My data can be the ability to catch a call, customer satisfaction, speed, and more. Here, If we combine the platform attendance rate, which corresponds to how often you go to work on the TADA platform, and the number of trips a day, we can make a ‘call battle' game that satisfies both drivers and the MVL team.

Gamers form a team of 10 drivers and battle with other gamers for certain points. Selection and candidate drivers will be decided by the platform attendance rate, and the drivers of each team will play on the ground. The drivers will grab the call according to the ability to catch the call, give passengers a ride at a constant speed, and them certain tips if they provide a nice service. Also, after a certain period of time, the overall ability may decline due to the number of trips, so candidate players can be used. There will be times when drivers refuse short-distance calls.

If some of the revenue earned in a single match can be distributed to our team's players in the real world, this will be an opportunity for many drivers in the real world to flow into the TADA platform. If the digital world and the real world are connected, Play to Earn and Drive to Earn can be combined, the gamers, drivers, and the MVL team can win-win.

In particular, from the driver's point of view, it is very important that one good service in the real world can lead to hundreds of services in the digital world, and that is, added value to real labor. If a single sincere and nice service can give the opportunity to become rich, it could be the biggest hope for drivers. Moreover, more drivers can flow into the MVL ecosystem. Passengers will also welcome a nice service for short distances without refusing and safe driving service.

This is one of the reasons that the MVL team has been recording driver Passport data into the Hybrid Blockchain.

The forms of the game will start as "Football Manager" and can be expanded into mini games for frequent transactions. In the future, it could be linked with NFT for racing games such as "Cart Rider" or racing battles such as "Mad Max", and even connected with metaverse. The MVL team plans to expand the digital worldview and is already prototyping and testing many games. However, no matter what type of game it is linked to, the concept of ‘definite compensation' by linking data with ‘certain contribution' in the real world will remain the same.

Ultimately, the service data of real-world workers will create new added value in the metaverse world, and we will fulfill this under the slogan of “Solve Real World Problems via Digital World." We can actually proceed with the business because of the MVLers who have been waiting for a long time. "Metaverse based on actual business" and "expansion of actual business utilizing metaverse" are areas that only our MVL team can try.


△concept of combining driver data and vehicle NFT.


Defi, NFT, and Game, which we mentioned earlier, are all being developed to connect with MVL's social wallet. In addition, this Wallet is not only a service for crypto users but also a space where users of various personalities, such as users from games and users from the NFT, can gather. Therefore, future plans will begin with the wallet, and we will continue to introduce the progress along with the Wallet update.

Action Plan


The Action Plan of 4 themes will also be introduced here.

The MVL team is already making significant developments in line with the above plans and is trying to meet the plans as much as possible. We want to introduce our products to the community faster than anyone else, but we want you to know that we value direction and quality more than speed.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the communities who believed in the MVL team that operates services not available in different countries and even in the process of MVL 1.0, which has been laying the foundation for real business in Southeast Asia. In fact, MVL 1.0 takes a longer time than other projects due to the nature of mobility services, which are the core of real-life businesses, and nothing can be done without a service platform or vehicle that directly applies to blockchain services.

In the future, we will do our best to help bring the service closer and reward ecosystem participants appropriately for MVL 2.0, which deals with the digital world.

We will be back with MVL 3.0 after completing MVL 2.0. The MVL 3.0 will include rapid expansion to various countries, real-life payment, metaverse service planning, and the mainnet.

The Concept Paper will be uploaded to the ‘White Paper' section on the MVL official website, so please check for details.

Thank you.



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