MVL Reports
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MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

MonthlyMonthly Report (April 2023)

12 May 2023

MVL is Listed on Bybit, Global Exchange

On April 28, MVL was listed on the global exchange platform Bybit. Bybit is one of the global top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with services in 160 countries and over 10 million users. Through this listing on Bybit, MVL will continue to expand its global ecosystem and accelerate the growth of a next-generation mobility ecosystem. MVL's ecosystem uses blockchain technology and revolves around TADA, ONiON Mobility, and Clutch services in the Southeast Asian market. Stay tuned for the future development of MVL's ecosystem.


MVL X Tezos Foundation Web3 Mobility Project is Completed

On April 11th, MVL successfully completed its Web3 mobility project with the Tezos Foundation. Tezos (XTZ) is a cryptocurrency and distributed computing platform that offers a blockchain network service based on smart contracts. The two companies had a joint goal of innovating the mobility sector with blockchain technology and have been working together on mobility blockchain-related technology development and field pilot projects since September 2021. The MVL Foundation has generated about 64,000 driver passports, and the numbers are still increasing along with the growth of TADA users. In particular, MVL and Tezos have jointly developed Tezos network support features in its Clutch wallet, enabling TADA service users to easily receive, store, and use tokenized incentives on the Tezos network. Detailed information can be found through the link below.

MVL Attended Web3 Beyond Borders

On April 19, MVL attended the Web3 Beyond Borders event in Japan. Web3BB is one of Japan's largest Web3 communities dedicated to discussing and promoting core values in the era of globalization. Its main objective is to foster global connectivity by offering a platform for learning and discussing key concepts related to Web3. During the Web3BB event, the leading Web3 players from around the world, as well as prominent speakers representing various Japanese brands were attended. They shared valuable knowledge and presented case studies that are essential for venturing into the NFT and Web3 business. Furthermore, Kay, the CEO of MVL, delivered a speech on the Future of Mobility, which encompassed discussions on the future of Web3 mobility and the introduction of innovative systems that can enhance efficiency, safety, and accessibility in the field of mobility. For more detailed information, please refer to the link below.

Clutch Updates

MVL's official cryptocurrency wallet, Clutch, has been updated. The details of the update are as follows:

- Added network check when entering the home screen
- Pin setting flow fixed

- Displaying wallet address logic enhanced 

- Design issue fixed

- Support trade Ethereum network 

- Support trade BUSD, USDT tokens 

- Support account recovery

- Fixed bugs with the token list refreshing after network changes

                                                                                                               - Added trade screen token selection, fixed transaction bugs

                                                                                                              Find out more details on the Android Clutch download page. For some updates,

                                                                                                              iOS will be available at a later date.

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40 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573958

ⓒ MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.